May 28, 2024

Residents near Kwa Mai Mai out in the cold | One Dead

Kwa Mai Mail informal settlement

Government vows to help residents of the Johannesburg informal settlement next to Mai Mai and near Maboneng called Kwa Mai Mai informal settlements. About hundred homes were destroyed after witnessing a fire on Sunday morning, sweeping out homes.

Johannesburg Mayor Mpho Phalatse visited the area, met with over 400 stranded residents and promised them shelter. Reports state about hundred homes destroyed in result of the fire that happened in the early hours of Sunday morning. However despite promising to help the residents, Mayor Phalatse during his media interviews said they are suspecting illegal connections.

So far only one death has been reported, Nana Radebe, spokesperson of the Johannesburg Emergency Services informed that the fire broke up just after minute, which is also when they responded to a call. “When firefighters arrived on the scene, the whole place was gutted down. It took us about four to five hours to put out the fire. One person was found dead when we were still doing search and rescue and another person suffered burns in the neck and hands and she was taken to the hospital.” said Radebe

Cause of fire is still being investigated.