May 28, 2024

Reckless Truck Driver on R34 Arrested

Reckless truck Driver

After a video of  a truckdriver filmed while driving recklessly in KwaZulu-Natal trended on social media, Mpumalanga officials say they want the truck driver’s license scrapped. Moeti Mmusi of the department mentioned the Community Safety MEC Vusi Shongwe demands that the man’s license  be revoked.

A motorist took the video this past weekend, that ended up as one of the top trending on social media. “On this video the truck diver could been seen overtaking dangerously on all solid barriers lines.” The shared clip shows the truck driver swerving from one lane to another, dangerously overtaking quite a number of vehicles barely avoiding oncoming traffic on KZN’s R34, “but collides into a bakkie’s trailer before continuing on the route.”


Mmusi says the driver with a Mpumalanga registration plate, resembled an extremely disturbing behaviour. “The truck in question is severing a Mpumalanga registration plate. The MEC also added that these type of drivers do not need driving licenses because they are a danger to other road users.” The man driving the truck in question has since been arrested and Mmusi says they are set to meet with the owner of the truck.