Jun 22, 2024

RDP Houses Scam Alert Issued Out By Department Of Human Settlement


A scam alert has been issued out by the department of housing Settlement, after it was discovered that a scam regarding RDP applications have blown out social media.

Based on reports from the department, countless post about RDP houses have been flaunting around social media in means of advertising. The department has declared the posts as fake and misleading to the people, as houses shown on the advertisement, the department has no knowledge of. A Facebook page motivating people to apply online for RDP houses was created by the scammers.

Department of Housing Settlement agency deny using means on social media to assist people in applying for houses, it is urging people to make use of their provincial or local government to inquire on RDP houses if in need on one. They further stressed out the matter people need to remind themselves of, which indicates that if found occupying RDP houses in form of fraud, regardless of if you are a pensioner or beneficiary to the government, you are still unlawfully occupied.

“Housing fraud and corruption include intentionally and unlawfully paying money, making money or making any benefits to housing officials in return for an RDP house, service stand and rental council property or stands.” said the Department of Housing Settlement.

The department requests for the public to be vigilant of such activity and to report on it if they have information regarding the scam. This time has arrived where scammers are on the rise, making use of social media to target the vulnerable people in need of assistance from the government.