Ramaphosa Receives Part 5 State Capture Final Report

Part 5 State Capture Report

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, has received the final State Capture Report. The long await was rather delayed after the delivery of the report by Raymond Zondo was scheduled for 16:00. Ramaphosa says this report makes ‘decisive break’ from the era of State Capture for the country.

This final report intel’s that the state capture work is done, however Zondo says there’s still a lot more work to be done to fight corruption, and more to be uncovered. With nearly 2000 pages on it, the document details, among others, the Vrede Dairy project, the SABC and the State Security Agency.

“The report is much more than a record of corruption in South Africa but it is also an instrument that South Africans can use to ensure this State Capture does not happen again. The nation owes chief justice Raymond Zondo a great debt of gratitude. I also know there were trying moments for you family when we had to take certain steps because of the difficulties.” said Ramaphosa.

“In line with a directive of the high court I will within 4 months of this date present to parliament the complete State Capture Report and my intentions for its implementation.” added Ramaphosa



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