May 20, 2024

R350 SRD | Mid-June and pending statuses

SRD R350

R350 SRD beneficiaries are finding no rest or peace with the updates given to them by Sassa, as Mid-June has arrived and statuses are still pending, with no payment dates issued.

The long wait is expected to come to an end, but recipients have lost faith in ever seeing the R350 linked to their name. for over two months, recipients of the fund have been patiently waiting on the government as statements and updates were issued. While waiting for April payments, beneficiaries were told after the extension announcement that payments will be halted.

Payment dates for May were released however no payments were sent out but instead recipients were instructed to reapply. Reapplications were difficult for many and gave problems. Although Sassa promised back pay, many have lost interest in knowing whats next. They say thinking about it adds on the stress they have, in trying to get by.