May 20, 2024
Economy News

R350 SRD grant to be paid out at supermarkets

sassa R350

According to the reports, All South African post office branches will no longer pay out the R350 social relief grant and recipients are instructed to reapply as the new round of applications has opened whereby beneficiaries are given options to choose from as to where they prefer to receive their SRD grant from, choosing from checkers, Usave, Pick n Pay, Boxer and Shoprite.

Following the recent outbreak of the covid 19 virus, thousands and thousands of people became jobless, and the Department of Social Grant (SDS) And SASSA planed and developed an online cardinal platform for the grant application verification and payments. This grant helped to alleviate stress as a lot of families wen through poverty, low if income and deficiency of needs. The grant is mainly made for unemployed south African citizens over the age of 18 that are not receiving any income, unemployment insurance and for those who does not qualify to receive UIF nor receiving a stipend from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

“When you reapply for your SRD grant, tick the option to also receive your grant at Retailer: Pick n Pays, Boxer, Shoprite, Checkers and Usave. There’s no transaction fee on the pay out and it is super convenient.” Post office suggested.

Post office announced that they will no longer pay out the R350 social grants rather than to the aforementioned markets that way people won’t have to sleep outside and wait on long ques and some of them end up not even getting assisted. The recipients are advised to reapply with their own current number and those who has not been using their number must rather buy a sim card of their own and then wait for the SMS verifying payment since the grant’s new round payment will come in to effect during this month. Log on to for more details.