Jun 15, 2024

R. Kelly convicted of all counts in racketeering and sex trafficking.

R. Kelly convicted of all counts in racketeering and sex trafficking.

In the New York trial that began August 18, the former music star denied all allegations against him and pleaded not guilty on federal counts of human trafficking, racketeering, child pornography, kidnapping, and forced labor.

In a six-week trial in Brooklyn, the prosecution sought to prove that not only is Kelly a predator, but his team has long enabled his behavior. The trial consisted of graphic and disturbing testimonies of the singer’s sexual abuse.

The prosecution brought nine women and two men to the stand to describe their own experience of R Kelly’s sexual, physical, and mental abuse, together with 34 witnesses, including former employees of Kelly.

The singer has since been found guilty and now convicted in New York of racketeering in a decades-long scheme to recruit women and underage girls for sex.

In a statement the federal prosecutor Elizabeth Geddes characterized the R&B singer as a predator, emphasizing that R Kelly used his fame to take advantage of underaged girls and boys, as well as young women.

“For many years, what happened in the defendant’s world stayed in the defendant’s world,” Geddes said, according to the Times. “But no longer.”

This is the first of a long list of cases against R. Kelly, as he still faces charges in several states, including Illinois and Minnesota.

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