Apr 16, 2024

Queenery Wine | The finest African Wine

Queenery Wine

How many wines are you familiar with? Add the Queenery Wine to your list of collection. At only 20 years of age, a young woman from Paulpietersburg in KwaZulu-Natal, took inspiration from her favourite boss lady, her role model Bonang Matheba and went ahead to start her own wine brand, Queenery Wine.

With ambition and attitude for independence, Sthandiwe Zwane sought to venture in business right after matric, leaving no stone unturned. Zwane matriculated 2019 but then went to upgrade her results in 2020, the same year she had the idea to branch in the winery business. Without a doubt of her then coming final exams being affected, on the 5th of November, she passionately started the Queenery Wine brand, pursuing a new career.

Zwane says she was never ready for whatever came with starting a business but like many of us she gets her drive from somewhere and that is exactly how she ended up concluding to the name Queenery for her wine. “In isiZulu language Queenery means “Indlovukazi” which is shortened by queen. It defines the brave and courageous young black women I became, after the sudden passing of my mom in 2018. She left me when I had no expectations or thoughts that she would leave me so soon. I was doing my grade 11 by then, about to start my mid-year exams. She had been my queen and still is. The pain I felt taught me independence. The brand is named after my late mother.”  She cried

Currently not studying for any course, Zwane has a huge support system from her 3 siblings who have supported the business while it was still an idea. She says such support is required as it helps her work twice as hard just to make them proud. When she went into the winery business, the number one challenge was having a capital to start the business, “I used the cash my dad used to give me, I would save it and that’s what I used to start my brand.” Said Zwane.

Having the right resources is one of the other challenges she faced but just in her neighbourhood, she met Alex Mbatha. Because Mbata knew more about the business, he dedicated himself into mentoring her, thus helping Zwane concur certain challenges.

“Seeing your products in stores placed on the shelves or holding your product, that just makes you walk tall. And confidently say this is me!” That’s the excitement from Zwane. She wishes to achieve more in this path she has taken and believes she has not reached the destination as of yet.

Zwane has no stop when it comes to her business, even after alcohol was banned multiple times due to Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, she kept innovating, brainstorming or working on something new. She did not let covid-19 stand in her way of business.

To other young women out there looking to also start something with their name on it, Zwane’s advice to them is to go for it and to not wait on anyone. “There are many distractions out there but if you know what you want, don’t allow distractions to hold you back.” Said Zwane.

Consistency is her biggest motivation, that’s how she keeps her business going. Zwane has promised a new deal up her sleeves, outside of winery business. “Soon I will be launching my own skin organic products named “Bunda” it’s mama in Indonesia.”

Zwane defines her wine as “1 glass of wine is like 10 glasses” and describe it as having the finest grape taste. She has been receiving great reviews from customers and says they explain Queenery alcohol just as is.

*Queenery Wine comes in 3 different flavours of wine which are dry red, semi-sweet white and sweet rose.

  • Dry red

deep crimson in colour this wine shows rich concentrated flavours of cherry and almonds, beautiful soft tannins with rich ripe fruit ending in a wine with great balance and elegance.

  • Semi-Sweet White

Light golden hue with generous tropical fruit upfront. Chenin Blanc with fully fresh lively palate yet well-balanced sweet fruit structure with a semi sweet finish. Delicious when chilled especially with spicy food and meat dishes however fantastic on its own.

  • Sweet Rose:

Lively pink colour, with bold tones upfront on the nose. Sweet notes with full mouth sweet berry flavours follow through into the after taste with a silky-smooth finish

  • Sparkling Brute Wine: Soon to be introduced new flavour

Chenin Blanc Bend, taste sensation of lingering flavours of pear and biscuits.

To place your order, get hold of Standiwe on the following platforms:

WhatsApp/Call: 065 726 7387

Facebook: Hleloluhle Sthandiwe Zwane

: Queenery Winery

Instagram: Sthandiwe_Lelo_Zwane


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