Public Demands Transparency Over DA Steenhuisen Ukrain Trip


South Africans wish to hear from the DA on how DA leader John Steenhuisen’s trip to the Ukrain is sponsored. “As the DA stand for transparency, can they clarify who is paying for the 6 day trip of John Steenhuisen to Ukraine. Is it a private trip, a sponsored trip or a taxpayer funded jaunt?”

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The DA leader took a six day trip to the Ukrain, landed two days ago where he met with the Mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovyi, and the Governor, Maksym Kozytskyi as part of his first day in Ukraine.

“Over the course of the next week, I will be visiting refugee camps as well as meeting with various mayors, governors, business leaders, students and ordinary Ukrainian citizens to see, first-hand, the effects of the Russian invasion and the ongoing occupation of parts of Ukraine. In the era of fake news and propaganda, this is the only way to truly know what is happening,” said Steenhuisen in statement.

The tweeted landed on the laps of other South Africans demanding clarity from the Democratic Alliance as to how is the Ukraine Trip sponsored, as they have in the previous spoke of transparency to the people to end corruption. The question was indirectly asking if whether or not the political party made use of the taxpayers money for the trip .

It was his statement that got many curious about the finances of the jaunt. “We dare not pretend that this is a war that has nothing to do with us. And we dare not pretend that remaining ‘neutral’ in this situation is admirable. When we have clear and undeniable evidence of injustice, we owe it to the victims to pick a side and speak out.” said Steenhuisen.

It was very much clear that the “we” in his statement meant South Africa as a whole. This left questions as to is there as an individual concerned about the situation in Ukraine, or decided to represent South Africa. The DA is yet to respond to the public regarding the jaunt and it’s funding. In the meantime, party leader has been sharing updates on his social media accounts, keep SA in the loop.