Jun 22, 2024

Public Demands Gift of The Givers Handle Funds


The public of South Africa have suggested that the Gift of the Givers handle the R1 billion made available to assist with the destruction caused by flooding in KZN. The IFP political party has made a contribution of R250 000 directly to the foundation.

Since the Motsepe Foundation donated R30 million, the public voiced out their opinions, indicating lack of trust in the government. Many say it is known that corruption will still take place in this case where people will Finn their own pockets with the donations instead of allocating it all to the needs in question. Premier of KwaZulu Natal Sihle Zikalala has promised that the R1 billion will not know or smell corruption. However people still doubt the government will do right by the people of KZN.

Zikalala warns that no looting of the relief funds will be tolerated. He also shut down claims that preferences are given to families in the North side of Durban whereas there are people whose situations are worse. “I will NEVER donate money to the KZN flood victims while ANC hyenas are handling those affairs- ESPECIALLY SIHLE ZIKALALA. I would rather take my workers and go help some families practically and personally. NOT ONE CENT TO ANC SLUSH FUNDS” read a tweet.

The situation affected the country as a whole, causing the public to watch on it like hawks, leading to the suggestion that all the money should be given the gift of the givers foundation and not in the hands of government. Zikalala further mentioned that 550 schools have been destroyed by flooding and 100 schools will require mobile classrooms before the return to schools on Tuesday 19 April.