May 28, 2024

Public blames ANC for Stage 6 Load Shedding

LoadSgedding Stage 6

South Africans blaming ANC for the constant Blackout the country is facing. Stage 6 Load shedding is becoming the death of many with countless blackout causing delay and havoc with many zoom meetings having to be canceled, and deadlines not met.

Eskom issued out a statement announcing further load shedding scheduled for the up coming days, however the announcement still does not come as a better solution for many as it still stands in the way of those who are working remotely from home, having to rely on WiFi to access work. With also the rise of teaching English online and tutoring, the need for electricity and the end of Stage six is high.

Many took to twitter to express how they are tired of having to shut down the country burn tires and prevent busses from operate but would rather wish to see Eskom solve their own problems without having to see South Africans take action. They are calling on Eskom to work on the promises they keep making and stop making excuses using the workers strike, they say load shedding was there before the stroke and seems to still be dominating even when the strike has halted. Will Stage 6 come to an end or is Eskom just playing with peoples emotions.