Jul 20, 2024

Protest erupted in Soweto, voting station


Protests erupted in within the community of Soweto in Naledi zone 8, at the voting station where they were chanting to stop registrations from happening.

The community say they feel unheard by the government as their councillor who is an ANC member, has not till to date, come to talk to them and offer an update regarding as to what will be the way forward in returning their electricity.

As soon as streets were blocked with bricks by the protesters, police appeared to the scene to calm matters down. The community spokesperson whose name we couldn’t get due to a lot of crowds hovering him, told the media they have been without electricity for a while and they are tired of protesting before the government comes to talk to them. The community spokesperson was holding a memorandum but says unfortunately the councillor has not bothered to come and talk to them.

The community is asking for a flat rate when it comes to electricity, saying the government and Eskom is not considerate of their living conditions. The ANC treasurer in the region Mpho, was replying to the media regarding this matter saying, “people owe about R7 billion but many of them have meters. A household owes about R100 000 but have not had electricity or a meter for years. We are engaging with solar companies to supply electricity to the people.” He said. He added on to say the ANC is ready for the election and that they will take home the victory as usual.

Meanwhile most voting stations were empty especially in Gauteng, Durban majority of the people that were seen coming in was the elderly who came to confirm their registration process. Most of the area in Soweto was filled with the media and community members who expressed their concerns as South African citizens.

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