Jun 18, 2024

Prof Barry Hanyane | ANC Gala Dinner Power Outage Suspicious

Prof Barry Hanyane

Political Analyst Prof Barry Hanyane says the blackout of lights that happened at the African National Congress Gala Dinner to raise funds was an utter sabotage to the ANC.

Political Analyst says many of the important factors were not addressed at the dinner, forcing the president of the political party Cyril Ramaphosa to end his speech before given a chance to win over investors and sponsors.

The biggest fund that was curious for the public was the R1.4 million seat available to sit next to the president, this left mzansi anxious to who will be sitting next to Ramaphosa. The ANC say they are not concerned about the alleged sabotage, with power going out during an important speech from the president of the party.

The public was also not moved by this calling it “a taste of your own medicine” saying it was rather fair that the ANC now knows how loadshedding feels, getting the experience learners were undergoing while studying, how businesses were affected when power just went off.

Prof Barry Hanyane says it does not make sense as to such an expensive event where millions were spent to make it successful end up with a power outage, and such signifies sabotage for the party, preventing the real aim of the event having to happen.

The Economic Freedom Fighters also had a feast in KwaZulu Natal, in the name of the Siyabonga Rally. The event took place same day as the ANC when they were celebrating their 110th Anniversary on 08 January 2022, some people took to social media and said EFF had a hand in the power outage.