Jul 20, 2024
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Princess Mongwadi | Taking over the supply industry in style

Beauty and the brains from a royal highness Ado Mongwadi Mohale, whose dream is to empower more women and emphasize

Beauty and the brains from a royal highness Ado Mongwadi Mohale, whose dream is to empower more women and emphasize there’s more to just being a princess of the royal family.

Ado Mongwadi Mohale, royal female pioneer from Limpopo full of ambition, down to earth, creative, practical and fears God, is an entrepreneur, fashion stylist, Actress, TV presenter, Ex international curvy model and also a Media studies graduate.

She runs Mongwadi Holdings, a diverse company that renders project management, construction, manufacturing, distribution, vendors, integrated demand management services to cooperate and government in South Africa. The company was first established in 2016, and now also have other products that include Mongwadi fountains still and sparkling water, skin luxuries and non-Alcoholic sparkling wine.

Attracting customers, dealing with market budget as people tend to stick with well-known companies that they are familiar with are part of the challenge she faces on her business. As hard as it is, Mongwadi faces negative setback of lack of funding, age stereotype, not being taken serious, social rejection, criticism, and doubting herself if she will make it or fail in the industry.

Regardless of the challenges she finds herself coming across, what drives her to reach the level she thrives is the thought of not working for somebody else but rather be her own boss, she uses that as a drive to lift her spirit in aiming for greater things.

Her dream can literally be interpreted through her company logo, for the brand her logo is designed with a crown, defining her legacy symbolizing royalty, luxury, and power as the owner of the crown carries confidence. The face is for people to take her seriously within the market, building a legacy for her children to remember her by, making her brand unique.

To the near future, Mohale wishes for the company to encounter global recognition, for a world-wide establishment with excellence in organizational structure. She also hopes to be a preferred choice for customers, suppliers and employees, being an inspiration and a model for companies who are willing to reach their potential dreams.

With the country consisting of a high unemployment rate, she wants to help a few ladies who are striving to grow to greater heights and create employment opportunities, providing a better tomorrow for the South African economy.

In advising the youth who want to venture in the industry of supply is that “being a young entrepreneur might be a challenge, but it’s certainly not an insurmountable one. Be aware of the age-related pitfalls in advance so that you can be prepared to bypass them. Perseverance and enthusiasm go long way to smooth your route to success, keep your patience high and your attitude upbeat, this is only the beginning of your long, fruitful career as an independent business owner. Chase your dreams and goals with Faith and also believe in God, with Him everything is possible trust me”

  • their products will soon be launched on E commerce X7 online store

Web: www.Mongwadiholdings.co.za

Facebook/Instagram: Mongwadi Fountains still & flavoured water, Mongwadi skin luxuries

Email: mongwadiholdings@gmail.com / adomadams74@gmail.com