May 20, 2024

President Ramaphosa Hears the Qwabe Family

“President Ramaphosa meets the family of Ms Nelisiwe Qwabe whose 3year-old grandson, Luyanda, is missing after floodwaters destroyed their home. Ms Qwabe’s grandsons Lwandle, 11 & Lusanda, 7, died when their home collapsed. 2 other grandchildren survived the incident.”

It has been a devastating week for South African, after heavy rain flooded Kwa Zulu Natal, causing massive destruction throughout the province. President Cyril Ramaphosa visited some families who were left victims to the national disaster. One of the family he visited, the Qwabe family who lost 3 children due to the flooding. The family has lost two grandchildren who died at home during the course of incident, 11 year old Lwandle and 7 year old Lusanda, lost their life when their home collapsed, 3 year old Luyanda is however still missing after the floodwaters washes off their home.

The state KZN is under seem to be derailing with the number of death toll rising, sitting at over 306 as of this moment. Families are beyond devastated won’t wonder of where to begin, houses have collapsed, mud slides restructured buildings and houses into pieces. Roads have torn apart with no way points, jobs and schools are at a standstill, vehicles are unable to operate as people have forced themselves to head to work, risking their lives by crossing through roads that are destroyed.