May 24, 2024

National Address | President Cyril Ramaphosa gives updates on social relief grant | moves the country to adjusted level 2

President Cyril Ramaphosa

As expected by all, President Cyril Ramaphosa opened his nation address with health updates, focusing mainly on the Covid-19 pandemic and the vaccinations roll out.

About 14.6 million vaccination doses, have been received in the country, therefore the president had mentioned there are enough to vaccinate the population. The health department plans to improve ways of vaccinating the people by increasing the pace in which they vaccinate people.

More are coming forward for vaccinations but at the same time the target number not reached. The president said “vaccination is open to everyone in South Africa” and not restricted based on one’s nationality.

“The sooner we are all vaccinated the sooner we can return to normal life and restore our economy and relieve the strain on our health workers,” said Ramaphosa. He added on to stress on how safe vaccinating is and how it could save lives. Over 25% of all south Africans are vaccinated and 7 million of them fully vaccinated.

Due to the decrease in infections, the restrictions have been eased moving South Africa from adjusted level 3 to adjusted level 2 as of Monday 13 September. The curfew stands at between 11pm to 4 am, therefore restaurants are to close at 10 pm to Meet the curfew.

The number of capacities has also been lifted to 500 outdoors and 250 indoors but if using small accommodation, 50% of the capacity should be followed, however funerals are still allowed only 50 people, no after tears. For alcohol easing, will now be permitted for purchasing, from Monday to Friday till 6 pm, for offsite, indoor alcohol consumptions to open until 10 pm.

A review will be made after two weeks to observe the impact the new restrictions will have contributed to the covid-19 infections of the country. It remains mandatory to still wear a mask and is a criminal offence if found not wearing a mask. The president thanked South Africans who compromised their belief and cultures to adhere to the rules and artists who had to resort to other measures to make an income.

Local government elections are to happen in less than 15 days and all political parties will campaign as per usual but everyone is urged to adhere to adequate ventilation, wear mask and social distance when in public areas. He did not touch much on the upcoming elections.

Terrible crimes have been committed against women during the month of women regardless of awareness for women’s months, he spoke of the cases covered in the media, gruesome acts that he says “must not go unpunished” he says “as men in this country we must protect our women” he gave appreciation to organizations that participated in raising awareness of gender based violence.

President Cyril Ramaphosa says SASSA received over 30 million Social Relief of Distress grant applications, over 3 million of the applications have been approved and paid out while 3.7 were declined mainly because they are receiving other means of income, 845 000 are still in process. Many factors were still not addressed but the country will have to wait for two weeks to hear from the President.

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