Apr 18, 2024

President Cyril Ramaphosa: “We are not on our knees”


President Cyril has said that the ANC will not be begging any party to get into coalition talks with them in a post elections address at the University of Johannesburg campus in Soweto in an ANC Thank You Event on Monday, 08 November 2021.

Following the public outbursts by parties such as Action SA over the past few days or so, President Ramaphosa responded in his statement today stating that they [ANC] will not be running after anyone. “Comrades, let it be clear. We are not going to enter into coalitions at all costs. The parties going around saying they will not work with us to capture media space, we are not on our knees. If we must be in opposition, we will be in opposition,” said President Ramaphosa.

“Those who do not want to talk to us, we will not be running after them. Our objective is to form local government to implement the will of our people, not to play games,” added President Ramaphosa.

President Cyril Ramaphosa further stated that the party, upon entering into coalitions, will be insisting on structured coalition relationships and that there are clear coalition agreements in place and that the contents of agreements are known to voters. “We want coalitions that are stable, credible and have an agreed programme of work that delivers what communities need,” said President Ramaphosa.

The president, in his address, admitted that the party has seen a significant decline in support after the ANC saw its worst electoral outcome in the 27 years of democracy and further outlined that the party will be prioritizing renewal and rebuilding of the organisation as they emerge from this elections. “We recognise that if we are to regain the confidence of the people we need to change in far reaching and fundamental ways,” said President Ramaphosa.