Jul 20, 2024

Pravin Gordhan issues a condemning statement

Pravin Gordhan

A media statement has been since issued by Pravin Gordhan, condemning the behaviour experienced during their visit at Wits. “We condemn in the strongest term the unruly behaviour of a small clique who were hell bent on disrupting the public lecture to mark the Wits University centenary celebration”

Pravin Goedhan, Minister of Public Enterprises, was invited to deliver a lecture at the Wits university o the reform of State owned enterprises, however the student did not take that well and rather used the opportunity to repremand him of the decicions he made whilst Minister of Finance, regarding the mismanagement or misallocation of funds for students and for also appointing De Ruyter a Eskom CEO, linking them to the recent unending load sheddings.

In the statement, “the clique was clearly briefed by political forces intent on creating disruption and instability in South Africa. Their aim was not to engage but to intimidate us.” read the statement. It further stated the minister was not kicked out but decided to end the event and vacate at his own will as the escalation was beyond.

The public however disagrees with the minister and say all he had to do was answer on the decisions he made, appointing De Rutyer as CEO.

@SahnunMurabit : “It’s Usless There was no clique How do u take a minister who is being protected by WMC and his performance is poor? He was told the truth How can he exonerate himself when he was finance Minster? Gordhan is a liar and loves to act like he is better and greater”

@molefe23op “This statement is bull to say the least. One doesn’t have to be politically coached to know that he is responsible for SOEs. We are in the dark as Eskom is not working and SAA was sold R51, which treasury have said they didn’t sanction.”