Possible cancellation on project 24 hour glow flag?

SA Flag

South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa has made mentions of being in communication with Minister Nathi Mthethwa of Arts and Culture, regarding the controversial R22-million flag project, said to glow even in the dark. Addressing at the Black Business Council gala dinner on Thursday 19 May, Ramaphosa says Mthethwa proposed cancelling the project.

South Africans went nuts with the project, and Mthethwa appeared on Power to Truth to defend the R22 Million glow in the dark flag project, that he later said will go under review. According to the President, the about-turn suggests that they are indeed listening to the country’s outrage on the project. Where the project stands at this point is still unclear, the public however seems to still be against having a glowing flag that costs R22 Million.

The public has criticised the flag project, calling it a waste of taxpayers money while they get to enjoy their salaries. The likes of Mmusi Maimane and former chief justice judge Mogoeng Mogoeng did also however not hold back in blaming the ANC for taking incompetent decisions that are a slap in the face for South Africans. “This R22Million flag is actually disrespectful to South Africans! It has an undertone that says ‘you guys are stupid and we’ll continue looting in front of you and you won’t do anything about it!’… It’s just the ANC showing it will never ever care” tweeted Judge Mogoeng Mogoeng.

Maimane on the other hand took it further making jokes as usual in mocking the government. The former DA leader reminded the public about the flag project in Eastern Cape that coast over R70 000 for a 60m pole. It was a different turn when engineers came to defend the government in saying steel for just projects are expensive so is transporting the goods to the site. The public also says this indicates that South Africa does not need the glowing flag, most especially with the current load shedding the country experiences, with stage 8 on the way.

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