Jun 22, 2024

Political parties to remove campaign posters or be fined

Political parties

Political parties are urged to remove their campaigning posters on the streets or face paying a hefty fine, as a result of none compliance with the law.

According to South African electoral law political parties are supposed to remove campaigning posters within 14 days after the elections have passed, or else they will be charged an amount of R1000.00 per poster for the negligence.

As stated in law it is the responsibility of each party to remove their election campaign posters from the streets and destroy them post election time. With Gauteng having been the main battle ground of political parties. Posters are hanging everywhere in the street.

Unremoved posters could cause obstructions and pollute the streets hence the law is strict when it comes to this rule, though this rule is highly applied in cities as in the townships and villages posters are left hanging beyond the permitted 14 days post elections.

Political parties are only left with 6 days to comply with the law as the removal date is nearer. With most of the posters still hanging on the streets it remains to be seen if the parties will meet targets.

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