Apr 16, 2024

President Ramaphosa honours police officers who gave up their lives in service | He urged the communities to work with the police


The President honoured the fallen officers at the annual South African Police Service Commemoration Day held at the South African Police Service (SAPS) Memorial Site at the Union Buildings.

President Cyril Ramaphosa took a moment to thank South Africa’s law enforcement amid the police violence that continues to claim the lives of the officers of the law.

Honouring and remembering over 30 officers who lost their lives in the line of duty between April 2020 and March this year, Ramaphosa said the country will never forget those who gave up their lives in service, he urged families to remember that their loved ones served with honour and distinction

The president also called upon the colleagues of the departed to honour them by remaining vigilant at all times and ensuring that no police officer dies at the hands of criminals.

“They are and will continue to be deeply missed,” Ramaphosa said.

President Ramaphosa said he understands the fallen officers’ colleagues may still, be angry by how their loved ones perished but urged them to use that anger for good.

“I want to urge everyone today that in the memory of our departed loved ones, let us transform that anger and hurt into a sense of determination to jointly rid our streets of all forms of crime, “the president said.

The president said that the passing of the officers on duty must sharpen the resolve of those who remain in the police service to proudly and bravely continue the noble cause to guarantee the safety and security of all South Africans.

The president went on to urge the communities to work with the police, for they cannot do it alone, speaking on the breakdown of relations between the police and communities in some communities.

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