Jun 22, 2024

South African Police Services launch manhunt for 12 escaped prisoners.


Police in the Eastern Cape have launched a manhunt for 12 “dangerous” awaiting trial inmates who escaped from the Mount Frere police station’s holding cells in the early hours of Thursday morning.

According to available information, at around 02:00, while conducting their normal hourly cell check, SAPS members noticed a breach in the wall of a cell, through which 12 prisoners fled. Further examination revealed that the perimeter fence near the cell block had been cut as well.

The community has been informed that these prisoners are dangerous and that they should not be approached; instead, authorities should be contacted. A case of Escaping from Lawful Custody is being investigated by the Provincial Organized Crime Investigation, an internal investigation will also be carried out.

Maj Gen Dladla has issued a warning to communities not to harbor or shield these criminals, as doing so will be considered aiding and abetting them. ‘We appeal to the community to keep a watch out for these dangerous criminals and to collaborate with police to achieve their swift arrests,’ Maj Gen Dladla added.

The public is being warned that these inmates are dangerous and should not be approached; instead, authorities should be notified. The following escapees are wanted: Luthando Mangaliso-Rape, Sikhona Manyambela Ntabankulu – Robbery Aggravated, Funisile Nodada Ntabankulu – Robbery Aggravated, Ntokozo Diko Ntabankulu –  Robbery Aggravated and Mandla Mcukana Mt Frere – Robbery Aggravated.

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