Jul 20, 2024

Police investigate on Yeoville shops destroyed by fire

Yeoville fire

Police investigating the cause of fire that took down many shops in Yeoville, say they are on a man hunt for whoever is responsible. Residents are alleging this was an a xenophobic act by members of the Operation Dudula movement.

Twitter has been left divided with the news, with many calling for people to stop spreading lies on Dudula being responsible and alleging the stores got burned as a result of a heater left on. It is alleged the shops were attacked as they belong to foreign nationals.

However that statement threw a lot of people off who say those stalls were build by south Africans and for South Africans to operate and since foreigners took over Yeoville, the place has does not feel like home for South Africans anymore. “It doesn’t serve South Africans, I once stayed in Yeoville in my late teens in Pope street, the night life was proper, I remember watching the 94 World Cup in a pub in Rocky street………foreigners came and took all that away.”


“I would support a new law that requires us all to show the police our Identify Documents, we live in a time where this is much needed. Home Affairs do have branches which they themselves don’t know about in Hillbrow, Yeoville etc.”

“Those who burned down Yeoville market did a great job. These stalls were built by South Africans for South Africans and stupid black politicians gave them to Nigerian. Now everyone is paying rent to Nigerians Yerrrrr.” 

The debate online is ongoing and people are urging that false news be not spread. A well known media house reported that while the ground, say shop owners allege they were threatened by Dudula movement to vacate and if they refuse to leave they will return and set the place alight. Police are investigating the matter.