May 24, 2024



A deliberate killing rate seems to be rising on a daily basis, as Indians and whites declared war against Africans. Violent scenes that has risen leads to more clouds at the horizon over and over again unambiguously from Phoenix, Durban.

The Phoenix massacre is still trending on social media with many nerve wrecking videos and images of dead bodies, flooding the streets with their own blood, people running to save their own skin, with some being held at gunpoint by Phoenix residents. However, community members wants vengeance towards the killers. “ Our South African Police Services (SAPS ) are snubbing at this matter, this is getting out of hands we are being categorized and viciously killed by these people for no concrete reason,” says Mzoli Nsele , a 25 year old Phoenix resident .More than 30 cases of murder have been re-counted, they say stitch in time saves nine , the matter has to be resolved before any further deaths.

Hundred people has been brutally killed and the number of mislaid bodies remain , 25 000 herds have been positioned amidst violence and the war between these two tribes has spread to other townships in Durban. A 19 years old boy Sanele Mngomezulu was shot and killed during this massacre and was found lying on the street, his mother demands justice for her son. Sanele Mngomezulu was one of the first 20 toll who got murdered.

This rapid violence has fueled and left many South Africans, as this racial war is on the horizon. Apparently South Africa has underwent its darkest days ever since 1994 , this country is once again divided by race and as the situation continues to be more intense , the citizens have established their own defenses , private security guards can be seen at entry and exit points with weapons, since none of the tribes feel safe. Police Minister Bheki Cele on his first visit to Phoenix on Thursday, said “the primary problem in Phoenix is criminality and racial connotation and he will catch killers, no one will be left off the hook and no stone will be left unturned whether Africans, Indians or whites and along as one has killed someone.”

Community members were urged to halt and bid from perpetrating more violence and further more investigations continues.


    • 3 years ago

    I thought my classmates were kidding about this aowa bathong baska ira batho byao hape they are killing and sinning May God show them light in their wrongs

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