Jun 15, 2024

Phindile Gwala leaves jaws dropping on Insta


With just two snaps and a caption the former Muvhango actress Phindile Gwala, left many jaws dropping, within the first ten minutes instagram went gaga over her full bodied pictures, with some women asking for her to spare them with shwapha bodies.

Phindile stated on a caption that sometimes she feels really down only to remember that she has a nice big round ass and that makes her feel instantly happy, men couldn’t argue with that as they showered the post with lots of love emojis. Many could agreee that Phindile’s body is indeed summer goals for most of the ladies.

Celebs and fans especially men went crazy on the comment section, expressing how beautiful her skin is, and some asking for advice on products she use to keep her skin that fresh. The former Muvhanfo actress was known for keeping men glued to the screens of the SABC 2 telenova, with her beautiful and well dressed body matching images on the show.

Some fans went as crazy as asking if she is married cause they are not and ready to wife her, through all this it can be said that sexy bodies makes men lose their minds over women.