Jun 15, 2024

PHELI SHISANYAMA Discriminates Female Job Seekers


One could come to think because of the high unemployment rate of South Africa, minor things will not affect job seekers from getting employment.

Thousands of female job seekers of the Phelindaba community, flooded the luxurious pub called Pheli Shisanyama with their CVs at hand, after an external job position was advertised seeking to hire workers residing in the area.  With the aim to get employed, it was the other way around; instead, they got a treatment that South Africans have been fighting against for years.

Discrimination goes against the constitutional law set in South Africa which in some cases is a criminal offense. It is a sad thing to experience discrimination during an interview, worse when you are publicly mocked in front of other interviewees. The others did not know that going to the interview would make them victims of discrimination.

Before they were called in for an interview, the person conducting the interview walked past, taking an observation of the ladies on the queue ready to go in. The interviewer sent out remarks while observing the ladies, calling some “ugly” to go ahead with the interview let alone work there.

“With excitement I crossed my fingers hoping that I will be next, but the interviewer’s face changed when he came near me, he told me that I didn’t qualify for the interview because I am ugly and should go home.”

“I was shocked for a moment I felt the pain of being told that I am ugly, and my body shape is not good, that hurt me so much being told those words in front of people.”

“I took my CV and walked home slowly dropping tears. I asked myself if beauty and body shape were the requirements. Why didn’t the interviewer keep that to himself! Rather than embarrassing me like that.”

“I am so disappointed with the vacancy applications process, I am hurt, I didn’t think that in a lifetime beauty and body was gonna be a job requirement in South Africa, a lot of young women were told to go back home because the interviewer said they were ugly.” said a job seeker in distress

This is what one of the women sent home for their looks had to say. She added on to say there is truth in that when you are poor as a woman you will be judged for everything and mostly as women, they get judged for their looks and that judgement is directed to them mostly by male counterparts. And that’s exactly what the ladies experienced at the Pheli Shisanyama from the interviewer.

Clearly it should be high time body shaming and sexism be added to the job descriptions, lately clubs seem to be employing females under 24 in age, skinny and light skinned to be the hostess’ when unemployment is still a huge issue in South Africa. Influencers like Thick Leyonce have proved that you are beautiful no mater your body image, however many people are still ignorant to let go of body shaming other females, contradicting them based on looks.

The job seekers say they feel drained and hopeless to ever try applying for such employment, they say they are disappointed to even go and hang out at Pheli Shisanyama after the trauma they experienced. Disappointed job seekers say next time, the owner should state that he is only looking to employ beautiful sexy girls, instead of shaming them publicly.