May 27, 2024

Phalaborwa | Protest to Maphutha Malatji Hospital looks imminent.

Maphutha Malatji Hospital

The Maphutha-Malatji hospital in Phalaborwa has a history of medical negligence to patients, and has seen the hospital having bad reviews. This follows complaints from community members. Graphics may be disturbing to readers

Rulani Johanna Gawa (31) from Namakgale who was pregnant in December 2021 went for a check up at Maphutha Malatji Hospital because her high blood pressure was very high. Gawa was admitted in hospital and the doctor that was on duty, Dr Galani insisted that she should give birth through a cesarean-section.

The 31-year old was eagerly awaiting the arrival of her baby, but things took a turn for the worst on what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, when she went for cesarean-section in the hands of Dr Galani. Maphutha

“Since the doctor did the cesarean-section operation I’m unable to do anything, I can’t even walk nor hold my children, the wound often opens up i’ve spent a lot of money going up and down seeking medical help with the hope of getting better, ” said Gawa.

Gawa also reveals that she has two files at the hospital and when she requests them, they give her the first one and some papers in her medical file are missing. Phalaborwa community Activist, Edmon Mbetse has vowed to take the matter to the MEC’s office , and that he’ll speed up the process of organising a march to the hospital.