Jun 22, 2024

People Killed and Abducted in Nigeria’s Train Attack


People got killed and some vanished after a train attack in Nigeria , Abuja-Kaunda. Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai, deputy Governor of Kaduna suspect this was the work of Boko Haram Islamist, together with kidnapping gang and assured the nation that rescue is underway.

Gen Lucky Irabor, a chief of defence staff in Nigeria reported to the president that on the passenger train 7 Nigerians were killed , 29 wounded and some abducted. He further explained that they will take every action necessary and assured the nation that there will be greater security.

A passenger Named Dr Chinelo who was supposed to leave Nigeria for abroad on Friday this week got shot. “I have been shot please pray for me”, @Chinelo tweeted.

@Emeka Gift official also tweeted” If Nigeria is a country that value the sanctity of life , #NGAGHA will be suspended in respect of those killed in terror attack on the Abuja-Kaduna train yesterday. We #Biafrans are saying, may the souls of those killed in that terror attack rest in peace.”