May 24, 2024

Pearl Thusi Sick with NOTAs Tweet Attacks on Cassper

Pearl Thusi fed up with Nota publicly attacking Cassper Nyovest on twitter. The actress took to her page to comment on Notas “despicable” tweet.

“I’vegot nephews and nieces to spoil. I don’t want children. Ya’ll have children out of wedlock then you ruin their future because you lack family values. I was born in a planned family. Cassper was raised by his step dad because his biological dad wasn’t man enough to do the right thing.” tweeted Nota

This tweet from Nota, the man who supposedly now has a serious beef with the famous rapper Nyovest, feud many as they saw this as now getting too personal. Not long Nota was still on the rappers case regarding the luxury car he purchased for his birthday. Pearl Thusi was one of the celebrities who felt this is getting out of hand and utterly unnecessary.

Pearl took to her twitter page with a statement : “What the fuck?? This is out of line.” Pearl opened another door for followers to also express their exhaustion with Nota and his beef with Nyovest.

Nota however turned down the boxing ring challenge Cassper put on the table but he instead gave to Cassper challenging him to a rap battle. “100K is nothing to me…I’ll rap battle for free. At least I can earn millions in royalties like composure!” tweeted Nota. “I’ll leave it at that. Name a time & place. 3 rounds heck I’ll even put 250k on offer. Winner takes all!”

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