Apr 18, 2024

Pearl Thusi attacked for a laugh

Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi got dragged on social media for a laughing emoji comment, the entertainer was attacked in what she deemed as misunderstanding of her comment.

Pearl Thusi made a comment that the poster Pabi Cooper and her fans felt was insensitive and out of order as they came after her, though the actress made it clear that she didnt mean anything bad and loved the artist’s work. Pearl apologised for what she called misunderstood comment “laughing at one of the most booked artist wants to be booked”

Pearl went on to expain that she didn’t mean to offend the amapiano artist as she thought the post was super cute and read it in a Nigerian accent, “I’m so sorry that this was read as offensive.” She went on to explain she felt so sad for how people reacted.

The media personality stated that she sent Pabi Coper a dm where it was deemed as an effort to apologise for the misunderstanding of the comment.