Jun 18, 2024

Paul Pogba pays tribute to Bryan Dodien

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba pays tribute to the young lad who played for Juventus youth team, Bryan Dodien passed away at the age of 17 years old after battling cancer for a long time.

The young promising Juventus youth team star, Bryan Dodien born in 2004 was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2015, Paul Pogba came to know about the boy so much that he dedicated a goal to him in 2015 in a derby match between Juventus and Turin.

In his goal celebration Paul Pogba, showed a shirt underneath his Juventus kit written “BRYAN SONO CON TE” which means Bryan I am with you in Italian. The boy managed to defeat cancer at the time as he went on to play for Juventus under 15 team in 2019 entering 10 minutes before the end of the match in his teams 3 – 1 win over Bologna.

It seemed to be the long awaited happy ending, but the disease was not to be defeated as the young boy passed away today. Paul Pogba shared how heart broken he was by his death in a post that read “The saddest of news. My thoughts and prayers are with all of your close ones. Losing a loved one is not easy but I will never forget you” He continued to say Rest In Peace Bryan you will be missed.


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