Apr 16, 2024

Patrick Shai’s Suicide Linked to Social Media


A possible link between social media and Patrick Shai’s committing suicide mentioned at the funeral during a moment of word from family and close friends.

It is clear from mentioned during the funeral proceedings that Shai’s suicide reads back to the video he released on social media, challenging Cassper Nyovest to a Boxing match and rather using unappreciative language insulting his mother.

A final farewell for the veteran actor whose friends, family and media colleagues came in numbers for their final goodbyes to their long time friend.

According to his uncle Pat, they were concerned about Shai days prior to his death when they saw worry on him because of the things mentioned on social media, things he described as “harassments or abuse” from users who had a thing or two to say about the clip but the users say they feel for the family but will not take the blame for what Shai did.

Already the wife is trending on social media for what she said during Shai’s memorial service, majority of the youth say she was rather too “unnecessary” and should have just cried and avoided doing what his husband did which was lay insults for everyone to hear and see and not expect a response.