Pastor rises from the dead after offering


“A miracle of all time” Church Pastor allegedly dies during service and will only immediately resurrect after offerings. Currency notes pile on top of her as she lay motionless on the ground.

How creepy can it all get? A female pastor lay still and allegedly presumed dead by church crowd who to wake her from the dead, have to chip out money as offering before she returns to the living. As the notes keep piling and more and more members make their way to drop off money, she can be seen starting to show signs of movement with her head slowly moving l, facing both to the left and to the right. While the lady holding a mic keeps chanting “hallelujah”.

Watch Pastor Resurrect from death After Receiving Offerings

Viewers of the video on social media did not take the clip well and felt the significance of going to church is being misused for personal greed. Many expressed their frustrations to say it is such acts that led them to discontinue going to church and are slowly losing the fail in believing Christianity is real and saves lives.

Social media is now being used for various stuff and although this happens to be one of the videos of many, people have taken the spreading of these videos as a chance to voice out their views and opinions about churches and the changes being encountered in these churches.

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