Jul 21, 2024

Pastor Removes Brides Make Up Infront of Congregation


Imagine having an outstanding face beat on your wedding day, only for the officiating Pastor to wash it all off just after you walked your way to the alter, in time to say ‘I Do’ to the man of your dreams.

All is like the way you dreamed it to be, you look beautiful with your make up, the crowd is exhilarated with your appearance down the isle and the minute you’re finally standing next to your future husband locking eyes, the officiater says NO, it’s either you get that make up off or there’s no wedding.

A Clip of a pastor wiping off the bride’s make up and her bridesmaids, including their artificial nails, made the round shocking many who didn’t think such rules still exist in churches. It is believed that the bride’s make up was removed because the church rules says the husband should get married to her natural self. No make up, no fake hair, no artificial nails. https://fb.watch/c7QgrrM7_4/

Shows like Our Perfect Wedding on Mzansi Magic channel 161 on DSTV, gives people a glimpse of such. A woman once made the headlines after she made it to the isle looking natural with her small afro, shocking views after she was seen with weave And make up prior the wedding during last minute preparation.

An then there was also an episode while Nomsa Buthelezi the Gomora Queen was a host, a bride and her family looked too natural and when asked when they’ll apply make up, the proudly replied “si fakile” the video is still trending till date.

Churches seem to still have rules that will leave the world on opposite sides, but church members do abide by and see no problem. Under the comment section it was mostly men who feel the officiater did the right thing with one say “I would do the same if my wife walked up there with make up, I would want to get married to the woman I saw when we went to bed and woke up to.

What would you do if you were a bride and your pastor did such to you? And what would you do if you were a man and that was done to your bride? You can use the comment section below or under the post on any of our social media. To share your story you can send an email editor@africanewz.com or make use of our WhatsApp 0681094506.