May 27, 2024

Parents sue Facebook over child suffering to Instagram Addiction

Parents of 19 years old New york teenager Alexi are suing facebook and instagram holding company, Meta alleging that the daughter developed instagram addiction that led to mental health struggles and eating disorder.

The parents stated that their daughter joined Instagram at the age 11 without their consent, two years earlier than instagram permissable age which is 13 years old. Apparently the daughter joined Instagram through her tablet, and became addicted to the social app which allegedly caused addictions including anxiety, depression, self-harm, eating disorders and ultimately suicidal ideation.

The lawsuit was filed by the social media victims law center, claim that Alexis parents were emotionally and financially affected by their child’s addiction. Alexis claims Instagram kept showing her posts of how she should look like to be pretty and how to eat, which caused her eating disorder addiction and self harm as she felt not beautiful.