Apr 16, 2024

Communities of Pankop, Mmametlhake, Nokaneng, ripped off by Taxi associations? | Taxi Fare Increase


The communities of Pankop, Mmametlhake, Nokaneng, Lefiso and Lefiswane are furious due to taxi fare price hike. This comes after transportations around these areas get split into two different associations instead of the usual one.

As from the 20th of September, the usual pricing will go up by a heavy percentage. Local transportation fare will go up by R2 while the long distance will increase by R5. It is unknown to the commuters what caused a huge hike in the taxi fare prices.

Commuters said they used to pay as little as R17 to travel from Mmametlhake to Marapyane while it was still a single trip, in the changed conditions it costs commuters about R60 for a travel to and return trip. Which is almost as costly as travelling from Nokaneng to Pretoria CBD.

Commuters of Pankop, Mmametlhake, Nokaneng, Lefiso and Lefiswane, have planned to start a petition that will run on Facebook, to try and stop what they describe as “costing” and “losing money”. According to comments, the commuters have stressed the need to forming an association to protect passengers from such scenarios.

With many of these commuters being unemployed youth who use these transportations to go seek for jobs, questions are high and ready as to whether the increase is lawful and fair for passengers, they say they feel disrespected by the sudden change which will affect their pockets  in a negative way. Passengers wait for an update from the associations.

Prices are set to now being:

Pankop to Hammanskraal             R35

Pankop to Jubilee Mall                   R35

Pankop to Pretoria                          R65

Pankop to Phake                              R15

Pankop to Mmametlhake             R16

Pankop to Dierefeng                      R16

Pankop to Nokaneng                      R17

    • 3 years ago

    Hey prices has gone up already NOKANENG to Pretoria R75 for a month now

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