Jul 20, 2024

Pabi Moloi caught in a marriage fiasco with a white man

Pabi Moloi

It is alleged that the media personality Pabi Moloi is caught in a marriage debacle with a white man Ruan Adams who allegedly demands 50 percent of the TV personality’s estate.

Pabi Moloi is caught in court battle with his alleged husband who claims to have paid R25 000 lobola for the tv host in 2016, Moloi denies ever being married to the white guy in civil or customary terms, The white guy wants half of Pabi’s estate that includes properties and personal investments.

Pabi’s estate is said to be worth about more than 6 million rands, the media personality’s family is caught between the two with videos showing the arguments between the guy and the family denouncing him as the father of the child, family member can be heard claming to have made love to Pabi as she says the child is not Adams.

Pabi’s estate could be broken into half should the court find the marriage as legal and binding, Pabi Moloi’s wealth is amassed from the roles she plays on Tv, radio as host of shows and also from brand deals.