Jun 15, 2024

Orange Farm School With Molesting and Violence Allegations.


Members of the community policing forum and school patrollers allegedly beat up primary school pupils as a form of discipline.

Parents opened a case with the Orange Farm police station against the school and also demands that Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi visit the school. Further allegations of sexual assaults were mentioned by parents when opening a case, requesting immediate intervention.

Parents are fuming, after finding out children were literally assaulted, as the principal of their children’s school unleashed the community policing forum. A few comments from parents of the victim s are as follows:

“My son is in grade 6B. he was beaten on his back. We went to the clinic, and they said he has infection, but it’s not bad.”

“My son came home and said that they touched his private parts, then forced them to take pictures and were told to smile. They also hit his ribs.”

“If my child is troublesome at school, the principal should call them as parents to discuss the matter and what should be done.”

They say the principal should communicate with parents and not resort to violence.

They want to know why such extreme measures for kids.

The Gauteng education department say it will engage with the stuff from the school to find out exactly what happened.

The community policing forum alerted it was called to the school by the principal to disarm pupils who carry weapons at school. It says a scuffled broke out between law enforcement and learners.