Jun 18, 2024

Operation Fiyela Alex | A Five Day ShutDown Alex


Heavy presence of the SAPS after Operation Dudula group threatens to shut down Alexandra. Shops in Alex closed leaving Alex Plaza and Pan operating.

Police have made their way to the township, in attempt to stop the riot of operation Dudula closing shops believed to belong to foreign nationals. Burning of tires around Pan were witnessed with the police shooting Stan grenades and rubber bullets at protesters.

The group made threats to shut down Alex, starting with closing of schools for these five days, while fighting to remove foreign nationals in the township. Post the protest in the early hours, calm has been restored with a few shops open and traders continue with business.

The riots seem to have also taken part in certain areas in Gauteng, a new bill expected to boost Gauteng is expected to be issues by Mpapa Kanyane of Gauteng Legislature. He says they are planning on issuing papers and grant to legal trade operators to also clean the legislature in Gauteng.

Although this has divided South Africa, some say they feel the operation has opened the eyes of the law on how they let many foreign nationals get a way with a lot of things. In the mean time, all is calm in Alex, but the fight still continues on social media with Mzansi debating on the matter.