Jun 22, 2024

Operation Dudula Set for Dobsonville Police Station for Hugs


The Operation Dudula movement under Nhlanhla Lux, is set to Dobsonville Police Station in time to give hugs to the EFF members who will accompany Victor Ramerafe to open a case.

The EFF has planned to accompany Ramerafe to open a case of breaking and entering into his home, intimidation and assault against movement leader Nhlanhla Lux, after they payed a visit to his house on allegations of drug dealing around Dobsonville, Soweto.

“Dobsonville Soweto, painful thing our police are protecting criminals, a drug dealer ran away before we arrived at his place, who informed him that we are coming. Put South Aficans First, OperationDudula, we will get there no matter what.”

Operation Dudula has called on the public to join them on 23 March, to offer hugs to the EFF members, to show them love for “supporting” illegal foreign nationals and also for “supporting” drug dealers within their communities.

The public say they would like to know as to if evidence can be put on the table that Ramerafe the alleged drug dealer is indeed dealing with drugs. The youth however say the police have sent him an alert to notify him of the movement’s plans to arrive at his home.