May 20, 2024

Operation Dudula now Active in Rustenburg

North West

On Freedom Day 27 April, Operation Dudula launched a branch in Rustenburg North West, expanding the movement across various provinces. The movement used Workers Day to take to the streets of Rustenburg, spread their message that they are coming for drug dealers, illegal miners, foreign nationals and corruption.

In the recent times, leader of the movement Nhlanhla Lux, said during his talks, that they are yet to work on illegal miners taking over mines in the North West, most especially in Orkney where Zama Zamas have made mining difficult for miners and made the town unsafe for nearby residents. In Rustenburg, the movement made their first hunt, walking through the township, and visiting the taxi rank to inform residents of their mission and aim they have for the town.

The movement leaders accompanied by supporters and members of the movement, have expressed their most concern in the province known for its mining, is having illegal foreign nationals steal from the mining sector through use of illegal mining, affecting the economy of the country, as it is also known that the South African economy relies on mining resources for financial breakthrough. Also the province is facing school dropouts caused by drug addiction. A young residents sharing with the media expressed he would appreciate it if Dudula deals with foreign nationals who introduce drugs to the youth of Rustenburg.

A foreign national from Lesotho says she has concerns about the group or movement forming in the area as she now has to fear for her life, even though she crossed the border legally and came to the province for means of work. She understands however that the group say they are only to focus on illegal immigrants, but finds it hard to not live in fear knowing she may me mistaken to as a foreign national at anytime.