Apr 18, 2024

Operation Dudula Nhlanhla Lux Arrested

lux dudula

Deputy Chair person of Operation Dudula, has confirmed the arrest of Nhlanhla Lux, after EFF accompanied one of their own Victor Ramerafe to open a case against him. Lux was arrested by the police after his interview with Khaya FM and is being detained at the Johannesburg police station.

A case on Wednesday 23 March, was opened against Nhlanhla Lux for house breaking, intimidation and assault, Ramerafe says the people who raided his home accused him of dealing and selling drugs within the community of Dobsonville. The community accompanied the Operation Dudula movement to his home in search of drugs.

Lux’s co-leaders say they do not understand as to why was it only Lux that recieved the arrest when there were more members present and active on site, on the day of the house invasion. The EFF has vowed to make Nhlanhla pay for going after an EFF member. According to social media users, they say Malema is practicing just what he claimed Lux is doing, going after another African black man, instead of fighting real problems affecting the black society of South Africa.

The name Nhlanhla Lux has broke the trends with many political leaders mentioning out his name and their disapproval of the movement every chance they get, this involves president Cyril Ramaphosa, Musi Maimane and Julius Malema.

This is an ongoing story, further details to followup with updates.