Jul 20, 2024

Oil Vessel with 10 people on board explodes.

Oil Vessel with 10 people on board explodes.

An oil vessel belonging to Shebah Exploration and Production Company LTD has exploded in Delta state.

A vessel with a storage capacity of two-million barrels of oil has exploded off the coast of southern Nigerians Delta state. The explosion happened on Wednesday engulfed the offshore facility known as FPSO trinity spirit located at the Ukpokiti terminal around excravos.

The cause of the explosion is being investigated and SEPCOL said they are working with necessary parties to contain the situation. Chairman of Maritime Union for Nigerian parts Authority in Warri confirmed that two boast have been sent out in the vessel and could not find anyone.

At this time there are no reported fatalities, but the media was informed on the confirmation that there were 10 crewman on board in the vessel prior to the incident.