Jul 20, 2024

Ofentse Pitse becomes first black female conductor to own an all-black orchestra

Ofentse Pitse

Born and bred in the township of Mabopane, Gauteng, 29-year-old Ofentse Pitse is the first black woman in the world to own and conduct an all-black orchestra, Anchored sound.

Well on her way to becoming an accomplished conductor, Pitse’s musical journey started at the tender age of 12. A young Pitse followed in her grandfather’s footsteps and played the trumpet.

Ofentse Pitse credits her mother and late grandfather for believing in her and the unconditional support she received as she stands as the youngest black female conductor to ever do it.

“There is a story about how Ntate Bob Mabena and Mesia Gumede pushed me to do a show with my ensemble late 2019 and how Mme Judith Sephuma believed in me when I had totally given up” reminisced Pitse in a twitter post.

Local DJ and radio presenter Mesia Gumede gave great to the late Bob Mabena “Bob Mabena was a fan of people’s dreams, he did everything in his power to create an ecosystem where dreamers could make their dreams a reality” said the DJ in a twitter post. The radio presenter went on to say that Bob Mabena advised him to meet with Pitse and see what they could do “he paved the way to this magic” he said.