NOTA Claims Kelly Khumalo Guilty


NOTA has turned twitter upside down when his live was shared on the platform, talking about how guilty Kelly Khumalo is for the murder of former soccer star Senzo Meyiwa who was gunned down at his girlfriend’s home. The Senzo Meyiwa Murder Trial Case is taking place, with shocking events transpiring.

The forever brave NOTA took to his feed on a live vid, to share with followers and viewers on how he is tired of bottling up the things he knows about the celebrity singer in question Kelly Khumalo, linking back to the death of Meyiwa. In his “speech” he says Kelly should just open up and be honest with everyone and SA as a whole and admit to killing his then boyfriend and father of her daughter. NOTA alleges a blood sacrifice was made hence the song releases.

At this stage twitter is questioning how quickly Kelly and her family moved on from the murder, and life went smoothly with people even forgetting and forgiving her for the what transpired on the day Senzo died. It seems as though from a perspective view, that many believe she carries all the answers to what happend to the father of her child. For days on end since the release of the documentary and commencement of the trial, people are more and more into siding with whoever say everyone who was in the house should be behind bars, including Kelly’s mother.

With NOTAs live also giving many a platform to voice out their opinions. Two songs were brought up, believed to have been unseen signs that she was confirming her involvement to the murder,Β  through performances of rituals. ‘Empini’ and ‘Ngathwala ngaye’ were hits loved by mzansi and now lyrics of the songs are being scrambled out and regarded as confirmation from her to having a hand in ending the life of the Orlando Pirates goalkeeper.


Things are getting hitted with the trials continuation. Shocking events are taking place within the court room during court proceedings, recess and after cour is adjourned. It started when Kelly’s lawyer was asked to exist the court room, then confusion in statements from the detective who attended to the scene saying there was no tampering at the scene and that the hat believed to belong to the killer contained a female DNA. And recent after court adjourns, Advocate Malesele Teffo found himself in handcuffs, in and unlawful weird way with his rights not being read and charges not told.

According to reports, the warrent of arrest links to a contempt of court, reading back to January. Adv Teffo during his arrest said Bheki Cele is behind his arrest to stop him from releasing crucial information of high profile members who are involved in the cover up of what happended to Senzo. Bheki Cele denied having knowledge of the warrant and desiring to have Teffo behind bars. Many are calling for Cele to step down, also questioning if the Meyiwa family will ever get justice served for their son’s death.

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