Jun 18, 2024

Nosicelo Mtebeni murder case | Alutha Pasile sentenced to 25 years in prison


Alutha Pasile has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for the murder of girlfriend Nosicelo Mtebeni at the East London High Court in the Eastern Cape on Thursday, 02 December 2021.

According to multiple reports, Pasile was sentenced to 25 years for murder and a further 10 years for defeating the ends of justice. Pasile pleaded guilty to all the charges on Monday stating that he stabbed Mtebeni and hit her head against a wall during a heated argument and then proceeded to dismember her body before placing the body parts in a suitcase. According to multiple reports, Pasile had accused Mtebeni of cheating on him after he had seen messages on her phone which he admittedly realised they were from him following the fatal confrontation.

Alutha Pasile was arrested on the 19th of August 2021 after residents in the area discovered Nosicelo Mtebeni’s body parts in a suitcase on the street and the rest of the dismembered body parts in Pasile’s possession in his home.

Mzansi tweeps have reacted to the news and felt the sentencing could have been harsher. “Only 25 years? What is a life worth in this country!!”, ” The law should be strict and make example with these people but once again this is South Africa neh”, “In a country as violent as ours, punitive sentences are way too lenient”, “25 years, its nothing compared to what he did”, read some of the tweets.