Jun 15, 2024

North Korea claims that it has tested strategic long range cruise missile

North Korea

The US military said it monitors the situation after North Korea claimed it had tested a new type of long-range cruise missile.

The Pentagon argued that the test proves that Pyongyang poses a threat to its allies in the region.  “We will continue to monitor the situation and consulting closely with our allies and partners,” said the statement issued by the Pentagon.

This comes after North Korea’s state media reported on Monday that Pyongyang successfully tested a new long-range cruise missile, which allegedly travelled some 1,500 km (930 mile) before obliterating its target and splashing into North Korea’s territorial waters. However, Japan has also revealed that it was “concerned” over the reports of the launch.

The Pentagon went on to note that its pledge to protect South Korea and Japan, since both countries rely on the US military to defend them in case a major conflict breaks out. Pyongyang’s last known missile test was in March when it launched a new tactical short-range ballistic missile.

It also conducted a cruise missile test just hours after US President Joe Biden took office in late January. The test is the latest sign of how North Korea has continued to expand its weapons capabilities since talks with the US to dismantle its nuclear and ballistic missile programme stalled in 2019.

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