Jun 15, 2024

Nokaneng Village, Katlego Maodi | Designing her way up


They say do what you love and the rest will follow. Reaching to meet the end goal of your dream is all about not giving up, regardless of how slow the process may seem to be.

From Nokaneng village in Mpumalanga, Katlego Maodi (32) lives up to overcome the challenges she is facing in the fashion world, challenges of not walking on a clear path to success. But she has a super weapon helping her keep her head up and move on. Maodi is controlled by passion, ambition, her love for art and most of all, meeting new people.

She has used these attributes to make sure that one day, her name will be known not only in her village but the whole of Mpumalanga and beyond reach. Being the go getter that she is, Maodi decided to venture in business and design clothing.

Maodi holds a certificate in Business Admin, specializing in Project Management. She completed another certificate in Intro N4-N5 Fashion Design and that’s when she later registered her business in 2015. The journey was not easy for her due to lack of equipment and information she needed to apply for business funding.

Her strength in Marketing her business and designs has assisted the growth of her business positively, even though she feels it is still not enough as the dream is bigger than the current status of her business. She is in love with the dream of designing clothes and making a name for herself, the struggle is real for her as she still resides with parents and works in the garage.

Maodi says she will work hard to her level best until everything works out for her business. She wishes to also explore other business possibilities such as make up and cosmetics and to also start baking. Her capabilities are proved through her work, and says this is still a beginning for her, the second stage will come like fire. To get in touch with  Katlego Maodi and find out more about her services, you caontact her on WhatsApp or call 076 447 0365

Designed by Katlego Maodi

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