Jun 22, 2024

No MacG Means No Episode | Fans Devastated


Fans of the famous Podcast and Chill with MacG are very much devastating to read a statement from the podcast share by co host Solomon. “He Ndaaaa Chillers. Unfortunately, there will be no episode of podcast and chill with MacG, Thursday edition at 3PM. Our host MacG is delayed in Swaziland and as a result, the crew was unable to shoot. Sincere apologies to all our loyal Chillers. Khezwo.” read the statement

The statement was well received however viewers had tons of complains and questions to accompany the statement. This showed chillers how there’s no podcast without MacG, therefore the saying “the show must go on” is not a solution to this podcast. Chillers are also wondering why Sol doesn’t just go on and host with a guest co host such as the likes of RobotBoii as Ghost.

Addicts are furious to learn about the delay, they say missing an episode is the worst thing MacG could have done to them. Although some were very understanding that such does happen every once in a while, some obsessed chillers called them unprofessional. The show has proved to be loved by many and with such unforseen circumstances, chillers are bound to act out of anger as expected. However they got to accept that MacG is the show and to have a show MacG has to be available, and if not, it is what it is.