Jun 18, 2024

Nkanyiso Mchunu Calls it Quits | Imbewu the Seed

Nkanyiso Mchunu who played Nkululeko Bhengu, has left the Imbewu production and will be replaced on no time by Kay Sibiya.

Mchunu had a fallout with the production team over salary, he is the second actor to leave Imbewu due to failed salary talks. Rumors have it that he left because the production failed to restructure his salary as the lead role in the current episodes and being overworked.

On Friday Mchunu confirmed his departure from the show and says he is thankful for the opportunity and the trust they had in his role.

“This is me signing out. Imbewu and I have decided to end our working relationship. I’d like to thank the production for the opportunity and platform to showcase what I can do. Thank you to everyone who supported me throughout this journey.” Mchunu posted on his Facebook page on Friday

More rumours have come to light that not only actors but behind the scenes crew, happend to be be leaving the production. Make-up artists, digital promoters and etc are making it out the door for similar reasons.

The role of Nkululeko Bhengu will now be played by Kay Sibiya who played the role of Ayanda on Uzalo.

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